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Moto G is £160 SIM-free, unofficial Amazon listing claims

Amazon has listed a £160 quad-core Android phone -- and while the title is 'Motorola DVX/XT1032', in the description it specifically says it's the Moto G.

Is this the Moto G's real UK price? Amazon has put up a page, spotted by a Pocket-Lint reader, listing a £160 quad-core Motorola phone due to launch on Thursday 14 November -- and while the title is 'Motorola DVX/XT1032', in the description it specifically says it's the Moto G.

Other specs teased include 16GB of storage, a 4.5-inch HD screen, personalised backs and Google's Android software, with a "guaranteed upgrade".

"Moto G is designed for all the things you want to do -- taking and sharing photos, watching videos, checking scores, getting directions, listening to music, you name it," the page's description says.

"Moto G also gives you choices. Different backs you can switch out to reflect your unique style, and access to more than one million apps on Google Play to create your own mobile experience. Every detail is just how you'd like it."

It looks very much like a placeholder put up by mistake by an Amazon employee, but I've contacted the retailer to find out more. I've also reached out to Motorola, but had not heard back at time of publication. I'll update this if I hear anything.

Leaks had previously pegged the Moto G's UK price tag at £135, but that may have been without VAT factored in. They also apparently gave more granular detail than this Amazon listing, with a 1.2GHz quad-core chip, a 720p screen and Android 4.3 at launch. 5- and 1.3-megapixel cameras are said to be featured too.

The G's official launch is on Wednesday, with Motorola inviting your humble technology correspondents here at CNET -- we'll have all the coverage you need on the day.

Motorola faces an uphill battle here in the UK, with its Razr Android phones gaining little traction. It's not being helped by its parent company either -- search for Moto G on and you get a page of results about Moto GP, the superbike racing championship. The only relevant result is an ad for this week's live stream.

How do you feel about the Moto G's prospects? Does £160 sound like a decent deal for the rumoured specs? Let me know which budget phones you fancy down in the comments, or over on our competitively priced Facebook page.

Image credit: evleaks