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More AOL spam busting

The online service is stepping up its efforts to protect users from receiving unwanted email.

In yet another move to protect its users from spam, America Online (AOL) today is expanding its members' control over the email they get across the Internet.

Available today, new Mail Control features enable members to choose to accept or to block mail from specific Net addresses and domains. The new tools will replace AOL's PreferredMail option.

With the expanded Mail Control package, AOL members can choose to get email from other AOL members only; other members and specific Internet addresses only; or other members and specific other online services--such as Prodigy and CompuServe.

In addition, the company also launched a service designed to educate its users about junk email, with tips about preventing unsolicited messages. Called Junk Mail, the site also includes answers to frequently asked questions about junk email; information about the most common ways junk emailers acquire screen names; and suggestions on how members can help AOL fight spam, such as forwarding Internet junk email to AOL for review.

Today's announcement follows AOL's recent action against junk email companies. AOL last week announced that it filed the second federal lawsuit in a month in an attempt to set a legal precedent that would help rid not only AOL, but also other networks, of spam.

While AOL has taken a hard line against spammers for at least a year, it also has one of the biggest spam problems in the industry because it is the most popular online service. Marketers also like targeting AOL members because they tend to be newer to the Internet and more receptive to junk email.