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MobileMe to feature iPhone OS 3.0 locator

iPhone Beta 3.0 is out and testers are exploring all its new features. One new feature appears to offer a way to locate a lost or stolen iPhone using MobileMe.

The beta version of iPhone OS 3.0 is out and some additional details are surfacing about the software, including a new feature that may let MobileMe users locate lost or stolen iPhones.

This new feature recently revealed by The Boy Genius Report appears in the configuration settings for MobileMe on the iPhone where push updates for mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks are configured. Now, the last setting in the settings list displays a control for the activation of "Find My iPhone."

The Boy Genius Report

Once this feature is activated, log into your MobileMe account at and that service will obtain your iPhone's current location--a small feature that nonetheless may help improve the software suite that started out as a embarrassment to Apple.