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Mobile etiquette lessons with Palm CEO Ed Colligan

Mobile etiquette lessons with Palm CEO Ed Colligan

OK, I admit taking phone etiquette lessons from the man whose company is behind the "always on" Treo isn't the most likely or obvious choice, but stick with me for a sec. has a nice little Q&A with Palm CEO Ed Colligan wherein they ask him about cell phone etiquette, and he makes some pretty good points. For example, he states that one of the biggest problems is when people go to meetings and sit there and e-mail the whole time. "I think it's incredibly rude, and in our company I basically say, 'If you are going to be at the meeting, you need to be at the meeting and listen to the content. If you need to do your e-mail, then don't come to the meeting,'" said Colligan. When asked if he felt responsible for the millions of people who are attached to their cell phones and handhelds, Colligan said no and added, "I often say to people, 'There is an off button.'" I'm in total agreement with that. What about you? How's your cell phone etiquette?

Sources: via Gadgets on the Go