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MetroPCS to launch LTE in September

The Wall Street Journal reports that MetroPCS will launch the nation's first LTE network in September.

MetroPCS has plans to launch its LTE network in September using Samsung networking equipment, according to Jaebeom Choi, a Samsung executive in charge of systems research and development. The Wall Street Journal reports that MetroPCS will also have a Samsung phone called the Samsung Craft (also known as the Samsung SCH-R900), which promises to be the first LTE phone. The first two markets to see MetroPCS' LTE network will be Las Vegas and Dallas.

If launched, this will be the first LTE network in the country. Verizon has said it plans to launch its own LTE network in 25 to 30 markets in late 2010; AT&T hasn't given much information regarding its 4G plans.