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Making way for Wii: GameCube to drop in price?

Making way for Wii: GameCube to drop in price?

Nintendo is planning to counteract Sony's PlayStation 2 price drop with one of its own for the GameCube, if recent rumors in the retail realm are any indication. According to GameSpot, EB Games employees have received "new low price" marketing signs--internally produced--with the pricing field left blank. The most likely price drop would be to $80, as the console currently sells for $100. In terms of price drops, 20 has become the new 50, it seems, as Sony's last PS2 price cut was that amount ($150 to $130), and Nintendo's DS and GBA SP have similarly dropped an Andrew Jackson. Nintendo has made a couple of offbeat decisions lately, however, so we wouldn't be surprised to see a $78.42 console either. These signs are set to be put up within the retailer's next marketing period--May 3 to May 23--which coincides with next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Expect to hear more about the potential price drop then.

Source: GameSpot