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Magellan pushes idea of multifunctional in-car GPS

Magellan pushes idea of multifunctional in-car GPS

There's a trend starting to emerge among in-car GPS devices: the ability to do more than navigate. Case in point: the Magellan RoadMate 800. This latest system comes equipped with all the traditional navigation tools, such as turn-by-turn mapping, text- and voice-guided directions, preloaded maps of North America, and a 3D bird's-eye map view. Plus, a feature called SmartVolume automatically increases the speaker's volume when your speed exceeds 45mph, and the unit will automatically change map colors for better night visibility. However, to make better use of the device when not functioning as a navigation aid, Magellan has added music playback and photo capabilities. Just fill an SD or an MMC card with your favorite MP3s, WMAs, and photos, and go to town. While this extra functionality is nice, we can't really understand the use for it. Music won't sound that great through the RoadMate 800's weak speaker system, and how many people are going to want to view photos while in the car? Just a thought.

Magellan RoadMate 800