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Mac Media Center predicted (again)

Mac Media Center predicted (again)

Whenever head Apple guy Steve Jobs gets that special gleam in his eye, blogosphere tongues are set alight, wondering what his latest creation will be. Sometimes it's a masterstroke of engineering, like the iMac Core Duo, sometimes it's something that doesn't quite live up to the top-secret hype (see: iPod Hi-Fi).

The latest rumor quivering on everyone's lips is that Steve, building on the success of Apple's Front Row media playing software, is planning a fully functional DVR setup (of course, we've heard that one before). At Thursday's annual shareholder meeting at Apple HQ in Cupertino, an audience member asked Apple to create "the ultimate media center," to which Jobs responded, "We hear you loud and clear." He also said, "The new products in the pipeline are the best I've ever seen in my life."

On its face, this is pretty thin evidence of anything, and Apple is notoriously good at keeping new products under wraps, and also for throwing the scent off with the occasional red herring (the metaphor, not the fish and/or magazine).