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Lyft's Mono product video takes a wacky route

It may be an early April Fools' Day joke, but Lyft says the ride-hailing wearable actually works.

Behold the Lyft Mono?


The April Fools' Day jokes have started early, judging by the new Lyft Mono.

The ride-hailing company recently unveiled a site for the glove-like device, with the tag line "Raise. Request. Ride." There's also an outlandish video that's full of retro '80s synth pop and is reminiscent of vintage Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag ads.

In the video, a dancer clad in leather and sporting Terminator-style dark shades shows off the so-called Mono. The bulky, LED-covered device claims to let you summon a Lyft ride without needing a phone, app or even a screen. Just raise your hand to hail a ride.

It's not April 1 yet, but a Lyft spokesperson confirmed the Mono is "a joke for April Fools." They also said "the device actually works." Perhaps this means Lyft will show off this gag of a gadget in front of a live audience this weekend.

The retro future character demonstrating Lyft's Mono.