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Logitech's headphone parade

Logitech's headphone parade

Several weeks ago, I met with Logitech and knew within a few minutes that a slew of iPod owners were about to be very happy. Logitech's reps revealed to us the Wireless Headphones for the iPod, which would finally allow hordes of iPod users to disentangle themselves from the frustrating leash of white earbuds (and other wired headphones, for that matter). Cool. But I was even more pleased when they brought out the Logitech Wireless Headphones for MP3 ($130, announced today), a "generic" version that will work with any MP3 player. Since I don't use the iPod, this announcement was more exciting to me personally. The Wireless Headphones come in black rather than iPod white, but they work the same as those for the iPod, employing Bluetooth technology to allow for cord-free listening. Unfortunately, while these 'phones include volume up/down buttons, they don't have the integrated track controls that the iPod's smart headphone jack affords the Wireless Headphones for the iPod. Bummer.

In that same meeting, Logitech also showed us two other headphone products, which were both officially announced today: the Logitech Curve Headphones ($30) and the Logitech Identity Headphones ($40). The first are designed for active use--they're durable, they're water resistant, and they feature the behind-the-head design popular with sporty 'phones. They're currently available in a rather stylish opaque green color (Lime), but keep an eye out for two additional colors in the near future: Crystal and Graphite. The Identity Headphones are a bit more sleek with square earphones rimmed in shiny silver, and they come with interchangeable color plates (black, white, red, and green).