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Logitech Wireless Music System: hear, there, everywhere

Logitech Wireless Music System: hear, there, everywhere

Streaming music from your PC isn't anything new. Heck, even video game consoles are doing it nowadays. But doing it wirelessly and without a network? That's exactly the promise of Logitech's Wireless Music System for the PC. Because it uses a simple plug-and-play USB transmitter (based on Logitech's earlier wireless iPod headphones and iPod-to-home stereo wireless system), the Wireless Music System avoids all of the DRM bugaboos that afflict nearly all networking-based audio streaming products. That means if you can hear it over your PC speakers--be it digital music, Internet radio, a subscription-based service (such as iTunes, Rhapsody, or Napster), or any specialty streaming service (XM or Sirius online)--you can stream it to your home stereo in the next room. The Wireless Music System is currently available for $150.

Logitech Wireless Music System for PC