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Logitech bows new gaming mouse, keyboard

Logitech bows new gaming mouse, keyboard

Logitech has extended its gaming mouse and keyboard lines with two new entry-level products. The G3 Laser Mouse includes the same 2,000dpi laser engine as the Logitech's popular G7 and G5 models, but it utilizes an ambidextrous design that will work equally well for left- and right-handed gamers. The G11 gaming keyboard, meanwhile, is identical to last year's G15 except that it lacks that model's LCD.

The G3 mouse and the G11 keyboard will be available in July for $60 and $70, respectively. But savvy shoppers will note that their step-up models are currently available for less: the G5 can be found online for less than $50, and the G15 for less than $65.