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Logic3 i-Station Traveller: Big sound, small package

A pocket-sized, battery-powered portable speaker system that delivers great results for its size. An ideal companion for a camper, this is an excellent piece of kit

Portable speakers can be terribly disappointing. Indeed, some sound so tinny and pathetic that it seems more enjoyable to not listen to music on it, and instead simply sing it quietly to yourself. There are several pleasing exceptions to this rule these days, however, including a new unit from Logic3, which has come up with a wonderful little set of speakers that'll fit your iPod, MP3 player or even mobile phone. Enter the i-Station Traveller.

Available in a range of six pulchritudinous colours, the i-Station Traveller will appeal mostly to campers, those in pursuit of long baths with Enya (we speak of her music, of course), as well as those who simply want cracking sound without lugging around a large unit. This offering from Logic3 will satisfy these needs with great clarity and performance. The £20 speaker set ingeniously unfolds to cradle your MP3 player, and the attached 3.5mm adaptor will allow the speakers to jack into any audio device.

The i-Station Traveller is freestanding, and pumps out music at a decent volume without losing much definition. A pair of small bass-reflex ports help add that crucial edge to the overall sound, lifting this set just slightly higher than an equivalent competitor. Also, it's powered by four AAA batteries, so the overall volume does get pretty useful. Logic3's i-Station Traveller gets top marks here at Crave. It's loud, clear and pocket-sized. What more could a camper ask for? -NL