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Lights-on: iHome 'iLamp' iHL31 and iHL20 iPod dock

On one hand you've got an iPod speaker system. On the other you have a desk lamp. Now, put those hands together. What've you got? iHome's new product

A bog-roll holder with an iPod dock and speakers built-in was always going to be one of the most unusual instances of modern convergence. But although daft, it's sort of a useful idea, because most of us don't have speakers in our bathrooms. We do, however, have speakers in our bedrooms, which is why we're confused about whether a bedside lamp with an iPod dock and speakers built-in is anything but an epic fail.

iHome's new $180 (£89) iHL31 is the brother of the $130 (£64) iHL20, another iPod-ready lamp. Both are on sale only in the US, suggesting those of us under the power of No. 10 aren't quite ready for a product resulting from the brainstorm of a confused electronics revolutionist.

Yet we're not writing this off -- we're simply filing it under 'WTF LOL ROFLMAO EH?' It's by no means going to be a big seller, we'll say that much. But for someone in need of both a lamp and an iPod on the same shopping trip, it might not be the single worst consideration to make in the whole of that day.

But I won't be investing. I'm out. -Nate Lanxon