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LG Viewty Smart and Nokia N97 get release dates and networks

LG has officially spilled the beans on the LG Viewty Smart, which now has an exclusive distributor and a release date. Nokia's done the same for the N97

Thanks to the uncharacteristic slip-up of some Germans, we already knew plenty about the LG Viewty II: it will be called the Viewty Smart, and will be as thin as an undernourished wiener dog at only 12mm thick.

Now LG has officially announced that the Viewty Smart will be landing on shelves on May on Orange.

The Viewty Smart will feature a WVGA screen, and its 8-megapixel camera will have quite a few improvements over the first Viewty, including sensitivity up to ISO 1,600 for low-light shots, touch gestures for zooming in and out, and multiple face-detection. It'll also have something called 'intelligent shot mode', which LG says will analyse the photo and compare it against seven pre-programmed scenes to improve picture quality. But there won't be a xenon flash, as we've previously reported, just an LED light.

The Viewty Smart will also launch with Wi-Fi and 7.2Mbps HSDPA for faster surfing, a 76mm (3-inch) touchscreen display, 1.5GB of internal memory expandable with a microSD card of up to 32GB, and GPS.

Another touchscreen that has our gadget-loving hearts all a-flutter, the Nokia N97, looks set to drop into Vodafone stores in July. We've only seen a pre-production model of the Qwerty-sporting N97 so far, so we'll be looking to get our hot little hands on the Viewty Smart and the N97 for full reviews as soon as humanly possible.