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LG Optimus 7 packs Windows Phone 7, DLNA support and Nvidia Tegra 2 chip

The LG Optimus range is set to deliver the first smart phones running Window Phone 7 and packing a dual-core Tegra 2 chip for smooth 1080p video playback.

Details are emerging of the LG Optimus 7, a Windows Phone 7 handset that will hit shops before the end of the year. The Optimus range is set to put the first smart phones with WinPhoSev -- and a fancy new Nvidia Tegra 2 chip -- into customer's hands.

Previously known as the E900, the Optimus 7 got its first outing at technology trade show IFA. LG has announced that the phone, a slider with a Qwerty keyboard, will let you transfer media wirelessly via DLNA connectivity.

DLNA is a standard developed by the Digital Living Network Alliance. It's a technology most often found in televisions, games consoles and other audio-visual kit, and is used to stream movies, photos and digital media from device to device.

The Optimus 7 features software that lets you flick a finger to transfer a 720p, high-definition video, a photo or a music file to other devices within a Wi-Fi network.

LG has also announced that it will be powering future Optimus handsets with the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core mobile chip. The chip, designed for tablets, packs two 1GHz processors for seamless 1080p video playback and improved graphics. The chip will debut in Optimus phones before the end of 2010. The Optimus 7 will also arrive before the end of the year, but pricing and availability are yet to be confirmed.