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LG Optimus 3D to launch mid-July, exact price unknown

The LG Optimus 3D is heading our way, expected to land in mid-July. There are wildly differing UK prices for the handset and no network has given a firm commitment to the handset just yet.

The LG Optimus 3D may finally be on its way to Blighty this July, as a number of online retailers offer up release dates and prices, Know Your Mobile reports. The trouble is they're not consistent, and none of the UK networks have chimed in with their plans either.

It looks as if the smart phone will be available to buy outright between 11 and 13 July, with prices varying from £454.80 to £524.99. That's a whopping seventy quid difference between Clove (the cheapest) and Expansys (raking it in).

Amazon and sit somewhere in the middle, and there are even third-party sellers on Amazon pushing you for nearly £600 for the handset. How much do you want that 3D quirkiness?

Orange and T-Mobile both list the Optimus 3D as "coming soon" on their websites, while the other networks don't yet mention the phone. That's despite Three teasing us back in February and expecting us to redefine our understanding of "soon" (five months is acceptable, it seems).

The situation is far from clear, though we can be fairly certain this elusive high-end phone won't come cheap, however you choose to get it. That stunning 4.3-inch touchscreen lets you view 3D content without the need for glasses, just like the Nintendo 3DS, and the dual 5-megapixel cameras also let you snap and shoot in 3D.

It has plenty of grunt thanks to the dual-core TI Omap 4430 processor. As well as 3D movies and games, you'll also be able to partake in cool stuff such as three-dimensional augmented reality apps.

If 3D isn't the be all and end all of your mobile experience, but you want to see how the Optimus 3D stacks up against a few other smart phones, check out our comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Desire S and iPhone 4. Don't get us started on the white Optimus 3D, though. We know how elusive white versions of gaming phones and iPhones are, so why should 3D phones be any different?

Expect prices to settle down once an exact release date is published and the networks muscle in on the action.