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LG's new fingerprint sensor lives underneath your phone screen

The sensor is designed to sit underneath your phone screen which the company says provides several benefits including improved waterproofing.

LG Innotek has invented a fingerprint sensor embedded in the glass screen of a smartphone which could help enable future button-less designs.

Previous fingerprint reader designs have required a separate piece of hardware -- as seen on recent Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, the Nexus 6P and LG's own G5, to name just a few. But the new reader from Innotek, an LG subsidiary, is mounted underneath the glass in a shallow furrow 0.01-inches (0.3mm) thick.

LG said in addition to improving waterproof capabilities the technology is also highly secure with reads of 99.998 percent accuracy.

LG has yet to announce any phones which will be using the sensor nor any third-party companies. However, competitor Apple, which has used LG displays in the past, is rumored to be considering a "home button-less" design for its iPhone 7. LG's technology could help the Cupertino giant achieve this.