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Lenovo's small-biz ThinkPad

Lenovo's small-biz ThinkPad

CNET's own Michelle Thatcher has already admired the basic specs of the new wide-screen ThinkPad from Lenovo, the Chinese company that acquired IBM's PC business last year. Now Ramon Ray of SmallBizTechnology points out not only the blurring of lines between home and small business, but also how this new laptop in the so-called Z series might be just what the small business ordered, with EV-DO high-speed wireless access and some power features, such as the ability to run utilities when the laptop's not being used. CNET has a model in-house, so stay tuned for our comprehensive test and review.

I'm also looking to find out another aspect crucial to small business that Lenovo has yet to prove: how good is the service and support? (Lenovo has told CNET it acquired the entire business from IBM, including support, so we'll see.)