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Land Rover goes environmental

Land Rover goes environmental

Land Rover's big SUVs aren't notable for their environmental responsibility, but the company seeks to change that with its Land_e program. The intent of the program is to develop new technologies that will decrease emissions and give Land Rover vehicles mileage approaching 50mpg, which would be a truly impressive feat. Some parts of the program use hybrid technology: Integrated Electric Rear Axle Drive adds a motor to the rear axle, which drives the car at speeds up to 20mph and lets it creep along in traffic under electric power. The Integrated Starter Generator component lets the engine shut down when stopped in traffic and makes restarts quick and seamless. The Terrain Response system adjusts the performance characteristics of the vehicle's four-wheel drive for optimal efficiency in six different terrain types. It's good to see an SUV maker try to develop vehicles compatible with a sustainable environment.