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Would you like fries with your KFC phone?

Huawei has produced a finger-lickin' special edition phone for KFC in China.


KFC's finger-lickin' phone.


Here's one to tick off your bucket list: a KFC phone.

The fried chicken chain is celebrating its 30th anniversary in China with a specially-branded Huawei Android phone bearing the image of Colonel Sanders himself. Huawei was founded in 1987, the same year KFC opened its first outlet in China. 

As seen in an advert posted on Chinese social network Weibo, the bright red phone comes with an app called K-Music that plays music over the speakers in KFC restaurants. Let's hope the screen and fingerprint sensor are grease-proof.

It's unlikely the phone will appear in bargain buckets outside China, sadly. I would try and think of a joke about Android kernel Sanders, but I'm too busy heading off to KFC.