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Jelly Bean takes 40 percent share of Android devices in July

Jelly Bean 4.1 alone now has a larger share than Gingerbread, according to Google's latest figures.

The Moto X runs Android 4.2.2
The Moto X runs Android 4.2.2 Sarah Tew/CNET

Jelly Bean is on the rise -- while Gingerbread continues its steady, slow decline.

Jelly Bean is now on 40.5 percent of all active Android devices, according to Google's Android developer dashboard page, which shows July numbers.

That compares with 37.9 percent in June.

Gingerbread, which has stubbornly maintained share since its introduction in December of 2010, had a 33.1 percent share, down from 34.1 percent in June.

As Phandroid points out, these percentages aren't representative of every Android device, particularly in markets like China where older versions of Android have been popular. The figures track devices that have recently pinged the Google Play Store.

And note that even Google -- via its introduction Thursday of the Moto X -- is not even debuting all of its new devices on the latest version of Android. The Moto X runs 4.2.2.


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