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iStyles iPod Video Privacy Screen: Sayonara, paranoia

Enjoy watching smut on the train but hate those pesky onlookers? iStyles has made the product just for you: a transparent film that only you can see through

Have you ever felt that slight annoyance and vexation when you see, in the corner of your eye, a stranger peering over your shoulder in an attempt to see what's on your video iPod? Crave has, and we don't like it. If they're that interested, why not just ask you what you're watching? In an attempt to vanquish the vexations, iStyles, a US company, has released the iPod Video Privacy Protection Screen -- a transparent film that coats the screen of your iPod and only reveals the video beneath when viewed directly, as opposed to being looked upon at an angle.

This inexpensive cover also sheathes the iPod screen from minor scratches, while concealing whatever videos you happen to be enjoying. If Jenna Jameson is your preferred companion on the long commute, the iPod Video Privacy Protection Screen will allow you to indulge in your video fantasies without the pain and paranoia of over-the-shoulder freeloaders that are so common on tightly packed public transportation these days.

The protection screen is relatively pointless unless you're watching something truly unsuitable for onlookers to see. However, at just over a fiver this may add the comfort and peace of mind you're looking for. Of course, you could just consider not watching porn on the train. Still, it's always nice to have a choice.

You can pick up an iPod Video Privacy Protection Screen from iStyle's Web site for $9.99 (£5.20), plus postage and packaging. -NL