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ISPs in unlimited access bind

Nearly all of the major ISPs have gone to flat-rate, all-you-can-eat pricing, but now they're wondering if it was such a great idea after all.

Under pressure to keep prices competitive, nearly all of the major Internet service providers rushed to provide flat-rate, all-you-can-eat pricing. But now that customers think a pricing standard has been set, ISPs are left to deal with the problems posed by unlimited access: servers overwhelmed by voracious use and networks that cost more to run than they bring in.

AT&T, Sprint rethink Net pricing
By Janet Kornblum and Jeff Pelline
AT&T and Sprint are planning key changes in their pricing for Net access.

WorldNet issues reliability challenge
By Janet Kornblum
AT&T WorldNet posts daily statistics on the reliability of its network and challenges other ISPs to follow suit.

ISPs consider tiered pricing
By Janet Kornblum and Jeff Pelline
ISPs search for a business model to distinguish "power users" from Sunday drivers.

Concentric limits unlimited access
By Janet Kornblum
The ISP says "no more" to customers who log on to the Net and keep their connections open all day.