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Is Sony BMG using root kits as DRM?

Is Sony BMG using root kits as DRM?

Antivirus vendor F-Secure is reporting on its blog site that Sony BMG is using root kit technology to monitor Digital Rights Management on some CDs sold in the United States. While root kits are most often associated with criminal activity, there are some legitimate uses of remote monitoring. According to F-Secure, if you insert a CD into a Windows-based system and see an End User License agreement on your desktop, the CD might also be installing a root kit on your system as a way to prevent illegal copying and distribution of the CDs contents. F-Secure warns that the root kit is almost impossible to uninstall but says you can contact Sony BMG directly, and the companyh will provide steps toward removing it. F-Secure discourages using third-party root kit removal apps, such as their own Blacklight root kit eliminator product, on the Sony BMG root kit because manual removal may also disable your CD drive.