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Is Apple looking to buy Toshiba's memory business?

Apple is said to be considering a bid for Toshiba's semiconductor unit after the Japanese manufacturer posted massive losses


Apple is reportedly considering investing in Toshiba in the wake of the Japanese manufacturer suffering significant losses.

Toshiba has put its semiconductor unit on the market and Apple is said to be considering a bid, according to Bloomberg. The unit makes the memory chips at the core of modern smartphones and computers, marking an opportunity for Apple to consolidate its production processes.

Toshiba posted a loss of 712.5 billion yen ($6.3 billion) for the past year, due to losses in its Westinghouse nuclear reactor business.

Once a well-known consumer brand, Toshiba has retreated from its former businesses in recent years, including pulling TVs from the US market in 2015.

Toshiba bet big on HD-DVD during the HD format war with Sony and the company has struggled since the format failed early in 2008.

Neither Apple nor Toshiba immediately responded to requests for comment.