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iPhone running Windows Phone must be witchcraft

An online demo of Windows Phone lets you try out Microsoft's mobile phone software on your iPhone.

What witchcraft is this? Does our picture really show what it seems to show -- Windows Phone on an iPhone? Yes. Yes it does.

There's no Photoshop involved, and it's not a hack either. No, it's an online demo of Windows Phone, which you can try out on any mobile you like.

The demo lets you try the Windows Phone interface, starting at the big, colourful home screen tiles and trying out the functions of the phone. You can get a feel for Microsoft's mobile phone software with fake messages, fake photos and a fake calendar -- you can even make a pretend phone call, although it doesn't actually dial out.

It's touch-sensitive, so replicates the Windows Phone experience right there on the iPhone or other phone.

To see Windows Phone on an iPhone, click play on our videos below, or head over to this link to try it for yourself.

So that's Windows Phone, on an iPhone, filmed by a Windows Phone -- some serious crossing of the streams right there.

We filmed the videos on a Nokia Lumia 800, which hit shops this month. Nokia is gambling that Windows Phone will be its comeback to the smart phone world, where it's been left for dead by Apple's iPhone and Google's Android over the last couple of years. And Microsoft is hoping the combined clout of the Windows and Nokia brands will give Windows Phone the fillip it needs to challenge the big two.

One of the problems with being the underdog is that Windows Phone is short of apps relative to the Apple and Android front-runners. Here's our look at the current state of the Android, Apple, Windows or BlackBerry app stores.

It's clear the colourful Windows Phone interface divides opinion. This Craver loves it, and comments on our recent opinion piece show that more people are trying the new OS. With the chance to actually test it out on your iPhone, will more fans be converted?

Have you tried Windows Phone? Tell us your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.