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iPhone app: uPhoneHome

Presenting an iPhone-friendly portal.

A few weeks ago, we told you about Leaflets, an iPhone-friendly portal that presents a series of small Web applications on a single page. It turns out there are many more portals like this out there, and uPhoneHome is one such site. Instead of having to sign up to use the site like you do with Leaflets, uPhoneHome doesn't require a log-in at all. You can go ahead and add all kinds of iPhone-friendly Web apps to this page (everything from Facebook to Meebo), and arrange them by date added, categorically, or even alphabetically. The one downside is that there seems to be too many apps on the page, and you don't have the option of selecting the ones you really want to use. But if you want a single page for access to most of the iPhone apps out there, uPhoneHome makes a great home page for your iPhone's Safari browser.

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