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iPhone 5S on O2 prices revealed: It's rather pricey

O2 has disclosed its 3G and 4G prices for Apple's new, high-end smart phone.

O2 has disclosed its prices for the swanky iPhone 5S, and -- as expected -- the new golden-hued mobile is going to cost you quite a bit.

O2 is selling the iPhone 5S through its 'Refresh' plan, which splits your tariff into separate charges for the airtime and the phone itself. As a result, the airtime plans -- which start at £17 per month for unlimited minutes, texts and 1GB of data -- may appear very reasonable at first.

Whack on the phone plan however and things start to add up. The cheapest way to get the 16GB iPhone 5S for free up front is on a 3G tariff, paying £42 per month -- a not inconsiderable fee considering you only get 1GB of data on this plan.

To get the 5S free on 4G with 1GB of 4G data will cost you £47, 24 times over two years. To bring the cost of a 4G contract down to a more manageable £32 per month will see you paying a whopping £320 up-front charge.

EE's tariffs are similarly pricey, both for its 4G offering and 3G contracts via Orange and T-Mobile.

There's no pre-order available for the iPhone 5S, which comes in gold, silver and grey and has a fingerprint scanner, alongside a new A7 processor. Instead you'll have to wait until Friday 20 September to buy it. If you want to buy the iPhone 5S SIM-free from Apple, you'll be shelling out at least £549.

If you simply can't wait to buy a new iPhone, the colourful iPhone 5C is also poised to make its grand debut. Check out the prices for this plastic-fantastic smart phone here.

Will you splash out on the iPhone 5S, or does it sound like a waste of money? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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