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iPhone 5S could read your fingerprint through the screen

A future iPhone might be able to read your fingerprints through the screen.

The next iPhone could read your fingerprint through the screen. A patent has come to light that shows a fingerprint sensor embedded beneath the screen of the phone, or in the bezel.

This latest patent covers a fingerprint scanner that's separate from the circuit that processes the print, so it can be placed under the screen. 

Fingerprint readers have been included in laptops for a while now, as a way to secure your computer and ensure only you can unlock it. Apple's interest is also said to be to use the fingerprint scanner to verify your identity and make secure transactions through your iPhone 5S.   

The inclusion of a fingerprint scanner has been one of the more persistent rumours surrounding the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or whatever it's going to be called. I can't see it myself -- it just doesn't seem very Apple.

But the signs point that way: Apple last year bought fingerprint and iris-recognition company AuthenTec.

As well as the iPhone 5S, Apple is reported to be planning a cheaper plastic model, probably clad in a selection of colours and possibly called the iPhone Light.

Do you think a fingerprint scanner is a good idea for the iPhone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or let your fingers do the walking to our Facebook page.