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iPhone 5 shown fully assembled in new leaked snaps

More photos purportedly showing the next iPhone have appeared, matching earlier leaks.

Avast ye, landlubbers -- the iPhone 5 be shippin' water! Apple's newest smart phone is leaking like a whaling boat that's just met Moby Dick, with new snaps appearing that purportedly show its new mobile in fully assembled form.

The Verge spotted the pictures, which surfaced over at iLab Factory, portraying a new iPhone that -- matching a whole slew of earlier leaks -- has a taller frame with a longer screen, and a new dock connector.

As well as showing the device fully assembled, the snaps show a load of components reckoned to be the iPhone 5's innards as well. 

Only Apple knows for sure whether this is the genuine design for its new toy, but with so many similar bits of casing popping up across the Internet, it's looking increasingly likely that this could be the new look for the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 -- or 'new iPhone' as it's likely to be called is tipped for a taller display that should come into its own when you swing the new blower into horizontal mode, with the 16:9 aspect ratio letting you watching movies without those troubling black bars spoiling your miniature cinema experience.

If, as these and previous images suggest, this is the look for the new iPhone, I can see many gadgeteers feeling a little let down. The design, while apparently refreshed, is more or less the same as the industrial chic that adorns the iPhone 4, which came out in 2010.

The host of new snaps suggests that the rumoured 'teardrop' design is nowhere to be seen, or at least is on the backburner until the release of the iPhone 6, or the new new iPhone or whatever Apple decides it's calling things these days.

Apple's tight grip on the mobile market is showing signs of loosening, as Samsung's Galaxy S3 proves popular with the phone-buying masses. The S3 is the official dog and bone of the Olympics too, so if you live in the UK, you're doubtless experiencing the bevy of adverts that Samsung's throwing at the public to raise awareness of its new gadget.

What do you think of this potential new look? And if these snaps do show the next iPhone, what does it say about Apple's ability to keep a lid on new gadgets? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: iLab Factory 

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