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iPhone 5 in production and Galaxy S2 update woes in video

Andrew Hoyle takes you through this week's phone news around the iPhone 5, Samsung's Galaxy S2 update woes and the new Angry Birds game.

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In this week's Phone News, we discuss whether the iPhone 5 might be going into production, your anger at Samsung's delays in bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the huge number of downloads for the latest outing of Angry Birds.

A new report has been leaked that indicates that Foxconn -- the massive Chinese manufacturing plant that makes Apple products -- has hired 20,000 new staff. What could this possibly mean? Well, the smart money says that they're there to help with a massive order to build the iPhone 5.

The timing also fits with rumours that we'll be seeing Apple's new superphone landing in October, so if you desperately want the newest kit, keep your eyes peeled in the autumn.

It's bad news for Samsung though, as its delays in bringing the latest version of Android, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, to the Galaxy S2 are creating something of an uproar among its users. The update was originally supposed to roll out in the week beginning 19 March, but it's yet to land. Samsung now reckons it'll be sometime in April.

We've been inundated -- both on the site and on our Facebook page -- with angry users screaming vehemently about their lack of an update. If you're among them then keep your eyes peeled as it's probably not too far away. O2 customers might even see their updates coming today.

Things are looking better for our good friends the Angry Birds though. Their newest game -- Angry Birds: Space -- has racked up an astonishing 10 million downloads within a mere 72 hours of going on sale. That's almost as many as Luke's Facebook song received. Good going guys!

Finally, hipster phone-photographer favourite Instagram is making its way to Android, ready to let a whole raft of mobile snappers make their crisp, modern shots looks like they've been taken on a cheap plastic camera from the 70s. Huzzah, and so forth.

If you're part of the vintage trend then whack in your details on the Instagram website to be among the first to know when it's available for download.

How's that for some phone news? What's been on your mobile mind this week? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.