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iPhone 5 equipped with HSPA+ support?

A slide at Macworld Asia 2011 has shown that the iPhone 5 will have 21Mbps HSPA+ support, meaning super-fast browsing speeds.

Another day, another iPhone 5 rumour. We've already heard the screen could be 4.3-inches, now the handset could handle web pages a lot quicker too -- a slide at an Asian conference has said it'll come equipped for HSPA+, which uses the 3G network to provide faster browsing and download speeds.

Three UK and Vodafone already use HSPA+ on their networks, so handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S2 can take advantage of the 21.6Mbps speeds in certain areas. Now the iPhone 5 could be set to join it.

Pocketnow reports that China Unicorn snapped this shot at the Macworld Asia 2011 conference. It's concerning the evolution of wireless data through previous iPhones, and while there's no picture of the iPhone 5, it clearly has the handset's name along with HSPA+ 21Mbps.

It also says the iPhone 5 will be out in 2011, so hopefully we can scotch those rumours about an iPhone 4S being the only new handset to be announced on Tuesday.

As mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is equipped with HSPA+, as is the Huawei E367 dongle, so the iPhone 5 wouldn't be the first device in the UK to take advantage of the technology. It would be a nice perk though.

Of course this could be speculation. Apple isn't renowned for adding the latest tech to its devices, preferring to wait for mass adoption, but it'd be a welcome addition.

For more iPhone 5 rumours check out our complete guide, and while you're at it, have a look at our nifty video showing the history of the iconic handset. (Nokia fans can get their fix right here.) We'll be bringing you all the news as it breaks on Tuesday, so keep it CNET UK.

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