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iPhone 4S pops up on Vodafone Germany website

Vodafone in Germany lists the latest iPhone as the new iPhone 4S, apparently offering a higher 64-gigabyte memory capacity.


The latest comes from Vodafone Germany, which lists the iPhone 4S on its website. In addition, the options include a higher capacity model with 64 gigabytes of memory. The listing was discovered by and reported by AppleInsider.

The listing also shows a lower-capacity 8-gigabyte iPhone 4 model. That follows the pattern of Apple taking its older model and positioning it as its low-end product. It previously sold the iPhone 3GS for US$99 before dropping the price to US$49.

The listing comes after a report from Gizmodo Brazil that found images of a new iPhone that looks exactly like the older iPhone 4.

The truth will be known tomorrow at 4am EDT in the US, when Apple finally pulls back the curtain on the next iPhone.