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iPad leak steals Google's Nexus glory

Just after Google announces its new Nexus lineup, Apple publishes images of the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 in the iTunes Store. Meanwhile, HBO shakes up the TV industry by cutting itself free from cable subscriptions.

Apple spilled the iPad secrets early in an iPad user manual on iTunes. Funny timing for such a slip-up. Just before the leak, Google announced its new Lollipop-loaded Nexus 6 phone , the Nexus 9 tablet , and the Android TV streaming device called the Nexus Player .

But there's more. HBO announced it will offer online-only subscriptions in 2015, freeing fans from the requirement to subscribe to a cable or satellite service to stream shows. Watch CNET Update below for a quick summary, and get a lesson in Dothraki:

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CORRECTION NOTE: In this episode, I said the Nexus 6 hits stores on November 3rd, but that's only the launch date for the Nexus 9 tablet . Google did not specify which day the smartphone will arrive next month.

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iPad leak steals Google's Nexus glory