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InFocus's big projector play

InFocus's big projector play

At the show, InFocus is showing off a sleek, new line of affordable DLP projectors that it expects to launch early this year. The Play Big IN72, IN74, and IN76 will all share the same curvaceous, glossy black chassis but offer differing resolutions. The entry-level IN72 will offer wide-screen DVD resolution (480p) and carry a street price of a little more than $1,000, while the IN74 adds Wide PAL for countries that support it. The high-end IN76 delivers HD resolution (720p) and carries a street price of around $2,000. All three models offer HDMI and DVI connectivity along with the standard component-video connection. Aside from the eye-catching design, the real news here is that the prices of DLP front projectors are quickly falling in line with those of entry-level HD LCD projectors, which have traditionally been much less expensive but can't achieve the same black-level performance as DLP projectors. Consider this: Not too long ago, you couldn't get a 720p (HD) DLP projector for less than $5,000.