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Images leak of LG G Flex curved smartphone

LG's curved-screen smartphone may launch as early as next month.

Images of LG's curved G Flex have leaked, along with hints it may launch next month.

(Credit: Images obtained by CNET)

CNET obtained the images, which are renderings rather than actual photography of the device. Sources familiar with the phone's launch plans confirmed to CNET that the G Flex would launch in November.

Samsung has already launched its curved phone, the Galaxy Round, in its home country of Korea.

While the Round is curved on the vertical access, the renders show that the G Flex curves on the horizontal and is apparently designed to cup the face when being used to make calls.

Despite the name Flex, the smartphone won't actually bend or flex — it will be fixed in that curve. You can read more on the whys and wherefores of flexible displays here.

(Credit: Images obtained by CNET)
(Credit: Images obtained by CNET)