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iMac Core Duo boots faster, it's true

iMac Core Duo boots faster, it's true

This is an excerpt from our review of Apple's iMac Core Duo, found here.

There's been some talk online about iMac Core Duo being able to boot faster than the old iMac G5. A video posted on Web site YouTube showed the iMac Core Duo booting faster. Then Apple enthusiast site Silver Mac posted test results showing that the iMac G5 was actually not that bad. Curious, we ran our own boot-time test, comparing our 2.0GHz iMac Core Duo to a 2.1GHz iMac G5.

Each system started from its fresh-from-the-box disk image, then we updated all of the default software via Apple's autoupdate tools. Under those conditions, we ran three clean boots and stopped the clock when every component finished loading. The iMac G5 booted in an average of 46.6 seconds. The iMac Core Duo came up in an impressive 25.7 seconds. Your mileage may vary based upon hardware and software variation, but conditions being as equal as they can be given different chipsets and operating systems, the iMac Core Duo boots nearly twice as fast as the older iMac G5.