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iHome iP76: Chameleon LED Bluetooth tower for your iPhone

iHome's upcoming pedestal-style Bluetooth speaker has 16 multicolor LED clusters that create "exciting light effects."

The iHome iP76, which pulses and strobes, ships in July for $199.99 (click to enlarge). iHome

This one's for the kiddies, tweens, or anybody who wants to go clubbing at home.

Yes, iHome's upcoming iP76 LED Color Changing Speaker Tower with Bluetooth has 16 multicolor LED clusters that do all kinds of fun stuff. That's right, this pedestal-style iPhone/iPod speaker dock can be customized to feature your favorite color and includes such options as color fade, pulse to music, and strobe effect for the "ultimate light show."

Time to fire up Pink Floyd. I mean Bieber.

Oh, and the tower also charges your iPod or iPhone and has a component video connection so you can output video from your device to your TV with the proper cable (no mention about that cable being included, however).

The iP76, which expands on iHome's growing line of GlowTunes products, ships in July for $199.99.