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iBend: The superthin iPhone video stand

Widget Factory, the creators of the world's thinnest iPhone and iPod touch stand, iBend, has announced its newest collection: the iBend Artist Series.

The iBend stand from Widget Factory has been around since last year, but I missed it when it first came out, and I gotta say: it's a pretty nifty, little accessory for your iPhone or iPod Touch if you use your device to watch videos.

The key here is that the thing is superslim. It's a flat sheet of plastic that you can store in your wallet or the back of your iPhone's protective cover (slip it between the cover and the back of your iPhone) and bend into a stand when needed.

It's also cheap: the original iBend costs $4.99 for two stands and the just-released iBend Artist Series (pictured), which features designs from three "renowned artists" from New York, California, and Canada, costs $7.99 for a two-pack.

Anybody think this is cool?