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I tot I saw a new HP PC

I tot I saw a new HP PC

In addition to the laptops mentioned previously in this blog, HP added some new desktops to its lineup today. Now in its fourth iteration, the Pavilion Slimline s7500 uses the same small case as previous versions but now lets you add in a TV tuner. You get the choice between four laptop processors: Intel's Pentium M or Celeron M or AMD's Turion or mobile Sempron. Pricing starts at $449. Without the option for discrete graphics or a dual-core processor and with limited expansion options, the Slimline remains a better choice for a second PC than for your primary machine--say, as a cheap way to access the Internet from your kitchen or as a DVR box for the living room. With laptop prices falling they way they are, however, it's harder to see the point in a miniature PC such as this. As cheap as it is, you're still required to add a monitor, speakers, a keyboard, and a mouse—-costs not associated with a laptop.

Full-size desktops released today are the HP Pavilion a1500, the Pavilion Media Center TV m7500n, and the Compaq Presario SR1900. The a1500 is the second-from-the-top model in the Pavilion line and can be configured with either an AMD or an Intel dual-core processor. Pricing starts as low as $659 but quickly scales up as you add in higher-end components. The Media Center m7500n is actually a collection of fixed-configuration Media Centers, ranging in price from $919 to $1,149. And the Presario SR1900 is a new entry-level series that offers decent configuration options and an impossibly low starting price of $249.

Lastly, if you feel the urge to customize the look of your rig, HP has you and your PC covered. Similar to the skins for the iPods it used to sell, HP is selling skins for some of its laptops and desktops, including the Slimline. The PC skins were introduced in May, but today is the first time this editor has seen them. Choices are wide and varied and, unless you're 12, pretty much a waste of time.