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Huawei reveals super-thin phone, calls Windows Phone 'weak'

Huawei has unveiled the P6, the "world's thinnest" phone, while chairman Richard Yu disparaged the Windows Mobile OS.

Is thin better? Huawei seems to think so, if its Ascend P6 — launched recently in London — is anything to go by.

The Ascend P6. (Credit: Huawei)

The 4.7-inch Android phone is just 6.18mm thin, making it the world's slimmest smartphone currently available.

The P6 also boasts a full HD screen, a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, an 8MP camera and Android 4.2.2 as the operating system.

However, the launch was slightly overshadowed by comments from the chairman of Huawei's consumer business group Richard Yu before the London-based launch.

Speaking to the Financial Times about the future of the smartphone market, Yu was dubious about Windows Phone's chances of succeeding as competitor.

Whether Windows Phone [will be] successful is difficult to say — it has a very small market share. [Windows Phones] are weak, but still require a licence fee. That's not good. Android is free.

Yu also stated that Huawei is "open minded" about the possibility of it acquiring Nokia, although the company quickly backed away from this statement, telling Reuters that it has "no plans" to purchase the Finnish company.