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Due to service renovations, user data and backup information will be erased from


HTC announced today that after April 30, its customers' data backups stored on will be deleted.

Because of service renovations, will be shutting down, and information used by customers to sync their contacts, messages, and call history will be wiped clean.

Until then, the manufacturer is urging users to download ZIP files of their stored data before they lose any valuable information.

Although there's no word yet on what this overhaul means exactly, it is about time something new came to Sense.

CNET's Roger Cheng wrote in February that the UI is starting to feel "stale and played out."

Cheng added that, "Every great bit of software or user interface needs a shake-up once in a while, and Sense is due for one."

In the announcement, HTC noted that customers will be notified when their "new and improved" services are ready. Once that time comes, we'll just back up our data and wait for what Sense will have in store.