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HTC Windows Phone 8 devices coming 19 September, invite tips

HTC's first foray into Windows Phone 8 could be just two weeks away, with invites sent out to an event in New York.

Nokia is expected to lift the lid on its first Windows Phone 8 devices in just a few short hours, but rival mobile maker HTC won't be far behind, a new event invite suggests.

The cryptic invite asks attendees to "see what's next" from the Taiwanese firm, with a New York venue chosen to host the 19 September event. It also bears the peculiar logo shown above -- it looks a bit like an '8', maybe? What do you think it could mean?

HTC will likely mark the occasion by unveiling phones powered by Windows Phone 8, the spangly new mobile software that will launch alongside the desktop version of Windows 8.

Windows Phone 8 is compatible with larger screen sizes and multi-core processors, so expect HTC's phones to be bigger and more powerful than Windows Phone devices we've seen to date.

HTC is expected to detail three phones, which are reportedly codenamed Zenith, Accord and Rio. The Zenith is the top-of-the-range mobile, and is tipped to sport a 4.7-inch, 720p screen as well as a quad-core processor.

Although they're snappy names, I think HTC will ditch those codenames in favour of more boring monikers. Recent rumours point to the Accord being called the HTC 8X, and another as the HTC 8S.

While by no means impossible, it's perhaps less likely that we'll see a Windows 8 tablet from HTC, as the One X-crafting company has reportedly been shunned from the first round of Windows 8 devices. That's a shame, as some of the Windows 8 laptops and hybrid tablets revealed in the last few weeks have proved sorely tempting -- I'm particularly intrigued by the Asus Vivo Tab RT, for example.

What would you like to see HTC do next? And what do you make of the cryptic logo shown above? Hypothesise in the comments or on our Facebook wall.