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HTC One in line for Windows Phone makeover, report says

HTC's flagship phone could be getting a Microsoft-powered variant, if fresh rumours are to be believed.

HTC is cooking up a new version of the HTC One that's powered by Windows Phone, according to fresh rumours.

The variant will look similar to the Taiwanese company's metallic flagship, but will be powered by Microsoft's tile-based operating system, Neowin reports, citing a mysterious and unnamed source.

The phone won't be a carbon copy of the One, but will look similar, the report claims, while the screen is reckoned to be around the 4- to 5-inch mark. A metal frame, HTC's 'Ultrapixel' camera tech and Beats audio are also rumoured to make an appearance.

The mystical mobile will reportedly make use of a previously rumoured update to Windows Phone (known as GDR3) that is reckoned to make the operating system compatible with 1080p displays.

The Windows Phone-ified One is tipped to make its grand debut in the autumn and arrive later this year, though as with all tech rumours, you'd be wise to take this one with a pinch of salt until we hear more.

HTC's Windows Phone efforts have felt a little lacklustre in the past, with devices like the HTC 8X doing little to smoke our tyres compared to Nokia's Lumia mobiles.

The HTC One has been praised for its design however, and I'd certainly be keen to see a manufacturer other than Nokia lavish a lot of energy on Windows Phone, which has struggled to gain traction against rivals like Samsung and Apple.

Would you buy a Windows Phone made by HTC? Or should the company stick to Android? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.