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HTC One gets swanky red version, in UK from mid-July

HTC's fancy flagship will be available in a scarlet hue this summer.

HTC's well-received HTC One will shortly be making its debut in a swanky red version that will be available to Brits in just a few weeks.

Those of you who were tempted by the Taiwanese company's 4.7-inch flagship but weren't enamoured with its aluminium style can finally rest easy, with the red version set to land in Phones 4u in mid-July.

You won't find this scarlet-tinted edition in other shops, but Phones 4u does handle contracts with all major UK operators, so if you're specifically seeking the red edition, you should be able to find a suitable tariff with your network of choice.

Nothing is new apart from the colour, but with the HTC One earning a solid four stars in our review, that's no bad thing. It has a 1080p display, sturdy build quality and a very powerful quad-core processor, alongside a host of intriguing camera capabilities.

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Currently the HTC One is also available in silver and black, although last month Pocket-Lint reported that a blue version was also in the works, citing 'sources familiar with the matter'.

The red version follows news of a version of the HTC One running pure Android, which strips away HTC's interface tweaks, and instead uses an unmodified version of Google's mobile operating system. Sadly though, that variant isn't available in the UK yet.

Will you splash out on the red-hued HTC One? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.