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HTC nixes plans for 12-inch Windows RT tablet, report says

Bloomberg reports that the tablet would have cost HTC too much and that the weak demand for RT tablets didn't help matters.

A tablet with the industrial build and design of the HTC One would be something to watch out for. Aloysius Low/CNET Asia

Remember late last year when there was a rumor that HTC would be getting into the Windows RT tablet game with 7- and 12-inch versions? Well, Bloomberg is reporting that the 12-inch slate has been scrapped.

Bloomberg's source disclosed that the tablet would have cost HTC too much and the weak demand for RT tablets meant that the company had to be more selective about the products it brings to the market.

Instead, the focus will be on two 7-inch tablets -- one running RT, and the other Android. Both devices will be launched at the same time in either September or October.

(Via Bloomberg)

This story originally appeared at Crave Asia under the headline "HTC reported to scrap 12-inch Windows RT tablet."