HTC M8 phone may not debut until late March

Rumored to be the successor to the HTC One, HTC's next flagship phone may come a bit later than expected.

The HTC One.
The HTC One. Sarah Tew/CNET

HTC may not roll out its next major phone until the end of March. At least, that's the latest tidbit spilled by renowned leaker @evleaks.

In a tweet posted Sunday, @evleaks said: "Starting to look like a late March, NYC launch for HTC M8." Rumored to also go by the name of the HTC One 2 or HTC One+, the phone will reportedly come in a dual-SIM version, according to documentation discovered by Boy Genius Report. Little else is known about the phone at this point, though in a later tweet, @evleaks said that the M8 looks strikingly like the M7 -- the codename for the HTC One.

Why would a late March rollout be later than expected? @evleaks didn't reveal any previously anticipated launch date. But last year, HTC unveiled the HTC One in February.