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HP's dye-ink for your big pictures

HP's dye-ink for your big pictures

OK--a bad pun, poorly executed. I admit it. Nonetheless, at Photokina today, HP announced a new Photosmart printer to inhabit that amorphous market segment geared to amateur photographers who want to print their photos as large as 13x19. Or at least to know that they can.

The Photosmart Pro B8350 uses HP's dye-based Vivera inks--the same cartridges as the consumer Photosmart 8450--for six-color or monochrome prints. What's "pro" about it is the medium-format size and straight-through paper path for printing on heavier paper stock.

I expect the print quality to be the same as the 8450's, which is very good for a consumer model, and like the 8450, the B8350 has a built-in Ethernet connection, which is one of the reasons I recommend the B8450 to anyone who wants to use it on a home network.

HP plans to ship the Photosmart Pro B8350 printer this month, for $349.