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HP reportedly plans to launch new smartphones

Hewlett-Packard will dive back into the smartphone market with 6- and 7-inch "phablets" aimed at emerging markets, according to a new report.

HP wants to get back into the smartphone biz.
HP wants to get back into the smartphone business. HP

Hewlett-Packard has been talking about getting back into the smartphone game for over a year. Now, a new report on Monday suggests "phablets" could be the company's way back into the mobile market.

HP reportedly plans to introduce several 6- and 7-inch phablets, sources tell The Information (subscription required). The devices are said to be aimed at emerging markets and cost between $200 and $250 without a contract.

HP attempted to gain ground in the smartphone market after acquiring Palm in 2010, but the WebOS-based devices failed to catch on with consumers. HP eventually decided in 2011 to pull the plug on its new tablet and smartphones.

This certainly isn't the first time speculation has swirled around HP's plan to dive back into the smartphone market. Earlier this year, HP said it was looking at ways to enter the smartphone and tablet market but did not provide a timetable for any potential devices. Even as far back as September 2012, CEO Meg Whitman told the Fox Business Network that HP is "working on" bringing a new smartphone to the market.

CNET has contacted HP and will update this story when we have more information.

(Via Gigaom)